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Interstate 65 Construction Downtown Indianapolis
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Interstate 65 Construction Downtown Indianapolis
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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current Outlet Sneakernews Low Cost Liam Hodges X Fila Original Fitness Suede Sneakers Pink amp; Purple Outlet With Paypal Order Online Cheap Outlet D9fkRj
of the game. It was last updated for 1.24.

Institutions are fundamental advances in civilization and are the primary determinant of Best Sale Cheap Price Prada Mens Avenue Vitello Plume SideStripe Leather LowTop Sneakers Buy Cheap Amazon Discount Explore Outlet Limited Edition Discount GkZKD30
cost. Institutions, if not embraced by a country, will cause an increasing tech cost penalty on the country by +1% per year up to a maximum of +50% per institution. Embracing an institution requires that institution to be fully present in provinces containing at least 10% of a country's Nike SB Check Solarsoft Premium Best Store To Get Cheap 2018 Unisex 2mlClHZx
(modified by local BOSS Hugo Boss Italian Patent Leather Derby Tuxedo Shoe Cristallo 115 Black Cheap Amazing Price EDyZDz
), after which it requires an amount of ducats dependent on the remaining development in provinces where the institution is not fully present. New World Call It Spring Call It Spring Ocewien Sneakers In White White Cheap Low Shipping Cheap And Nice Pre Order For Sale Sneakernews Sale Online CMJqphr8x
cannot embrace institutions until they reform their governments (for natives in the North American and South American technology groups) or religions (for natives in the Mesoamerican and Andean technology groups), but receive all the institutions of their advanced neighbor when they do so.

There are a total of 7 different institutions that appear throughout the game (except for the first which is present at the beginning of the game in 1444), at roughly 50-year intervals starting in 1450 and ending in 1700.

Each year all provinces an institution can spawn in are randomly given a chance to spawn the institution. Each eligible province for an institution has a 10% chance to get it to spawn in that province. If only 3 provinces can get it to spawn there is a 90% * 90% * 90% = 72.9% chance that it won't spawn in the beginning of that year. If none or only a few provinces are eligble for spawning, it can take years or even decades for an institution to show up.


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The spread of institutions is modified on both a global and a provincial level. Global modifiers affect the spread of institutions in all provinces in a nation, local modifiers affect the spread of institutions in a specific province.

Several ACEONE Trainers classic blue Where Can I Order odKlc
and KSwiss Court Frasco Liberty Sale Best Wholesale jQIxggzmm
also affect spread rate:

Developing a province gives that province an immediate increase in the oldest non-present institution equal to 16.66% (slightly under one sixth) of the new development of the province. The increase is capped at 10% (60 development). The development required to bring an institution with 0% presence to 100% presence is of 601 cumulative development points, because for 600 points (reaching 36 dev starting from 11) you get 99.96%. The required development within a province of a given starting development is summarized in the table below.

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If your Jekyll site has a lot of pages, you might want to create navigation for the pages. Instead of hard-coding navigation links, you can programmatically retrieve a list of pages to build the navigation for your site.

Although there’s already information about interacting with data files in other Jekyll docs, this tutorial dives into building more robust navigation for your site.

There are two primary ways of retrieving pages on a Jekyll site:

Retrieve pages listed in a YAML data source Retrieve pages by looping through the page front matter

The examples that follow start with a basic navigation scenario and add more sophisticated elements to demonstrate different ways of returning the pages. In every scenario, you’ll see 3 elements:

The YAML file in the _data directory is called samplelist.yml .

The scenarios are as follows:

Scenario 1: Basic List Discount Aaa Buy Cheap Sast SUPERFLY 6 ACADEMY NJR MG Moulded stud football boots amarillo/white/black Cheapest Cheap Online AviCts

You want to return a basic list of pages.



ACME Documentation

For the results in these fictitious samples, # is manually substituted for the actual link value to avoid 404 errors.)

When you use a for loop, you choose how you want to refer to the items you’re looping through. The variable you choose (in this case, item ) becomes how you access the properties of each item in the list. Dot notation is used to get a property of the item (for example, item.url ).

The YAML content has two main types of formats that are relevant here:

docs_list_title: ACME Documentation is a mapping. You access the value with .

docs: is a list. The list begins each item with a hyphen. Unlike with mappings, you usually don’t access list properties directly as you do with mappings. If you want to access a specific item in the list, you must identify the position in the list you want, following typical array notation. For example,[0] would access the first item in the list. However, this is rarely done.

With lists, you usually use for loops to cycle through the list of items and do something with each item. With navigation menus, you usually insert each list item into li tags based on the navigation structure you’re using in your HTML theme.

Each hyphen ( - ) indicates another item in the list. This example just has two properties with each list item: title and url . You can include as many properties as you want for each item. The order of properties at each position in the list doesn’t matter.

Penn State Altoona

3000 Ivyside Park
Altoona, PA 16601

A full-service, four-year, residential campus located less than 45 miles from the research campus at University Park.

Information for: